For the past thirty years William Brazzel has been the owner and president of a property and casualty agency located in New Jersey. During this time he has dreamed of creating an original science fiction book that will be enjoyed by others. Unfortunately, he was unable to create a manuscript due to many time constraints, including raising a family.


    His love of science fiction began in 1956 while he viewed a movie at Mount Calvary elementary school in Forestville, Maryland. This original movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" made such an impression on him that he carried this love of science fiction throughout his life.


    Though he wrote a number of op-ed articles and two unpublished short stories, he never achieved his ultimate goal of creating a science fiction book. That is until now.


    The book "The Seventh Holy Man" was created by William over an eight month period. He spent every moment possible researching and writing the story while at his home in Morris Plains, New Jersey. The time invested was huge; however, he believes that all sci-fi lovers will thoroughly enjoy this book.


    Currently, William is planning his next manuscript. Like "The Seventh Holy Man", the new book promises to be clearly different from anything you have read before.






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